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Energy Storage System for Australian Market

Energy Storage System for Australian Market

October 23, 2023




Coupling your solar panels with a battery is a great way to make sure you can make the most of the energy your solar panels produce. Saving the energy for later in the day when electricity is more expensive and the sun has gone down can have more impact on your bill than just installing solar panels, and is one of the reasons that batteries are more affordable now than ever. The four key benefits of batteries are:


• Solar Feed-in Tariffs are reducing while power prices are rising. You aren’t forced to sell the power at a loss for 6-8 cents to your electricity supplier. You can use your own solar power rather than selling it to the Grid, offsetting the purchase of energy from your retailer.

• You become largely energy independent as it’s usually possible to design the system to run your house all night on batteries.

• You have stored power to run your house during a blackout.

• Virtual Power Plants and other technology let you trade your power into the peak demand market dramatically improving the value of your battery system – we can assist on that front as well.



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