How Much Do You Know About "ZAM"?
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How Much Do You Know About "ZAM"?

How Much Do You Know About "ZAM"?

July 21, 2023


Zn-Al-Mg (Below we called it ZAM) Solar Mounting System has been widely using in solar market recently. The coating of zinc (Zn), aluminum (Al) and magnesium (Mg)plates is formed by high temperature curing, and its microstructure is composed of dense ternary eutectic structure of Zn, Al and Mg, so that the surface of the plate forms a dense layer of effective barrier to prevent the penetration of corrosion factors. 



It has been trending considering it's feature of high anti-corrosion, self-repairing and easy processing. C&D EMERGING ENERGY supplied ZAM Solar Mounting System which the zinc content is up to 275g/㎡, that means at least 30 years practical life. Meanwhile, C&D EMERGING ENERGY simplify the structure by less using of complicated fittings will shorter the installation period. 


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