Independent Single-axis 1P Tracking System

Solar Tracking Mounting System

Independent Single-axis 1P Tracking System

Independent Single-axis 1P Tracking System

Independent Single-axis 1P Tracking System relies on mature technology and design, improving energization, tracking automatically, intelligent calculation, helping project developers and asset owners get the most from their power plant. The number of installed modules can be adjusted according to the string configuration and the size of the terrain. Ideally suited for sites with challenging soils, high winds, and irregular boundaries, the tracker features slew driving system for maximum stability in extreme weather.



Project Site: Open Ground Foundation: Driven Pile, Ground Screw, Concrete
Tilt Angle: Up To ± 60° Wind Load: ≤150km/h, Customized Designs Available for Higher Wind Speeds
Snow Load: ≤2000Pa Applicable Module: Frame or Frame-less
Module Orientation: Landscape or Portrait Origin of Product: China



1 Portrait system, up to 90M span, support 3 strings.


Compatible for 182, 210 large size PV module.


High-performance components. The design with high-performance components, can achieve the longest safe operation time in the industry. 


Eco-Friendly. The tracker is automatically calibrated daily to ensure always the components with the best tracking angle.




Strong wind resistance. Parts structure design and testing under strict conditions, withstand at least wind pressure 2400Pa.


Intelligent tracking algorithm. Fully consider the effects of scattered and reflected light irradiation and more effective on cloudy and cloudy days.


Easy cleaning operation and maintenance. The sealing and self-lubricating design of the driving rotating mechanism, can realize free maintenance equipment.


Quick and convenient installation. The tracker uses the fewest fasteners to reduce installation and greatly save construction fee.





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