Steel Solar Single Pile Ground Mounting System

Solar Racking System

Steel Solar Single Pile Ground Mounting System

Steel Solar Single Pile Ground Mounting System

The Pile-driven Solar Ground Mounting is an economic and fast-way installation solution. By using pile driving machine hydraulically push galvanized steel posts into the ground to the required depth without using poured concrete to support a steel racking system. It just takes some seconds to finish a piling pole. The racking is strong and cost-effective which is adaptable to most terrains.



Project Site: Open Ground Foundation: Pile Foundation
Tilt Angle: 0-60° Wind Load: ≤60m/s
Snow Load: ≤2500mm Applicable Module: Frame or Frameless
Module Orientation: Landscape or Portrait Origin of Product: China








Mono Pile Structure


  • The mono pile frame is composed of two piles, strut, inclined beam and purlin. For coupling panels with structure can use clamps, which are connected to the purlin by bolts and nuts. All parts of the single pile frame are galvanized after being processed.
  • Ideal for uneven terrain, available in single and doublepost options, allowing for east-west adjustments, and is economical for large projects.
  • Suitable for the large scale solar pv power plant installation. Combining single steel post with aluminum structure perfectly, it has a good performance in withstanding heavy wind load and snow load, also improving the instllation efficiency and saving the cost. With Hot Dip Galvanized surface treatment, single steel pile has a high anti-corrosion ability.
Steel-strong Solar Ground Mount





Fast Installation: Highly pre-assembled light weight support increases installation efficiency greatly, and saves labor cost and installation time.


Safety & Reliability: The pole is the core component of the entire pile ground mounting systems for solar panels, used as structural support in the horizontal and vertical applications of buildings. They are also the most space-saving and time-saving ground installation solutions for solar systems. It has a stronger load-bearing capacity, and each rack requires less penetration.


Quick Installation: Aluminium Alloy can be recycling, which ensures zero emission of industrial waste.


Low Cost: Structures are checked and tested for use in extreme weather and geographical conditions.


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