Solar Standing Seam Roof Mounting System

Solar Racking System

Solar Standing Seam Roof Mounting System

Solar Standing Seam Roof Mounting System

The Solar Mounting Bracket & System for the Standing Seam Roof  is a user-friendly, non-penetration mounting solution for metal roofs with a standing seam design.



Project Site: Metal Sheet Foundation: Klip Lock
Tilt Angle: 0-60° Wind Load: ≤60m/s
Snow Load: ≤2500mm Applicable Module: Frame or Frame-less
Module Orientation: Landscape or Portrait Origin of Product: China






The Solar Module Roof Fixings for Standing Seam Roof is a cost-optimized PV Mounting System for both residential and commercial metal roof mount installations. The system was designed to allow the attachment of PV modules or PV mounting rails directly to a standing seam metal roof without penetrating the metal or collapsing the ridge in the metal roof material. The design is simple and low cost, but very effective. The standing seam roof clamps make installation on folding seam roof especially easy. The clamps are simply attached to the standing seam. The clamps can be  securely fastened without penetrating the roof sheets, ensuring maximum stability with minimum weight. A wide range of system combinations such as L-shaped feet, fixed feet or direct clamp for PV modules makes it possible to quickly connect to all rail components.



Mounting Solar Panels to Standing Seam Metal Roof



The different pre-assembled seam clamp mean that you can install solar panels on single- or double-folded, snap and rounded seams.




Mounting Solar Panels to Standing Seam Metal Roof



-Quick mounting from above with easily graspable components.


-Rail also acts as a cable channel-tidy without loose cables, enough space for plugs.


-Fastening in the cross rail installation is also possible




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