Aluminum Solar Ground Mount Racking System

Solar Racking System

Aluminum Solar Ground Mount Racking System

Aluminum Solar Ground Mount Racking System

The AL-Solar Ground Mounting System  is equipped with components which are made of aluminum for mounting on concrete strip foundations or ground screw, and minimizes the installation processes; it provides a strong and sturdy mounting structure that is suitable for use in high wind and snow load environments. 



Project Site: Open Ground Foundation: Screw or Concrete Bases
Tilt Angle: 0-60° Wind Load: ≤60m/s
Snow Load: ≤2500mm Applicable Module: Frame or Frame-less
Module Orientation: Landscape or Portrait Origin of Product: China



C&D Emerging Energy Aluminum Ground Mounted PV Solar Array is specially designed for large scale ground solar projects, and it can work with concrete bases or ground screws depending on different soil conditions. With AL-6005 Aluminium alloy material, the whole structure has an excellent anti-corrosive ability and better appearance comparing with the steel structure, and highly pre-assembled light weight support helps to save labor cost and installation time.




solar ground braket system



Fast Installation: Highly pre-assembled light weight support increases installation efficiency greatly, and saves labor cost and installation time.


Adjustability: Vertically & horizontally adjustable, remedy on-site installation error and increase solarbracket installation accuracy.


Recycling: Aluminium Alloy can be recycling, which ensures zero emission of industrial waste.


Safety & Reliability: Structures are checked and tested for use in extreme weather and geographical conditions.




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