Solar Aluminum Carport Mounting System

Solar Racking System

Solar Aluminum Carport Mounting System

Solar Aluminum Carport Mounting System

A solar carport is a canopy with photovoltaic panels that is installed above a parking area. The Aluminum Carport Mounted Solar System accomplish a dual function, providing a roof for your vehicles while generating electricity for your home. 



Project Site: Open Ground Foundation: Screw or Concrete Bases
Tilt Angle: 0-60° Wind Load: ≤60m/s
Snow Load: ≤2500mm Applicable Module: Frame or Frame-less
Module Orientation: Landscape or Portrait Origin of Product: China






Solar Car Parking Carport Mounting System

The Solar Aluminum Carport Mounting System offers simplified and economic solution providing shade for parking and solar power generation. It is designed with different options for both single and double rows of parking, tailored for most module types, orientations, and inclinations. Various foundation options include precast concrete, bored pier and ground screw. Long spans between foundations reduce cost and simplify the installation process.




PV Solar Panel Mounting Structure Solutions for Carport

The Benefits of Our Solar Carport


Improves aesthetics of a property


Maximum shade coverages


Increases parking lot safety









Aluminum Carport PV System

Flexibility Gives You the Greatest Freedom of A Sustainable Infrastructure


Roof drainage through integrated rainwater downpipe in the support

Flexible for different module sizes

Easy and quick installation





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